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You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have

Maya Angelou

From crayolas to paint brushes, drawing was a staple in my childhood. Throughout school, I was always known for being artistic and creative one. Back in the 90’s in highschool, if you used computers, you were known as a “Geek” and some thought that computers would take over the human race. Most of my friends took typewriting class, since it was a “must have” curriculum back then. I never had an interest in typewriting and I didn’t really care what others thought about computers, so I took computers instead. And looking back, I am really glad that computers came in handy!

As for course electives, I followed my passion in being creative and I took art, drafting and graphics. I had inspiring innovated instructors who mentored me throughout my education. Always encouraging us to try new things and pushing us to new innovation. Not long before, the Internet was introduced to our classrooms. So intrigued with the Internet, I would use my spare blocks to teach myself, HTML and created my first website in 1997.

After high school, I decided to take some fine arts courses to wet my creativity, while working full-time managing a retail store. After a year, I enrolled in Engineering Design & Drafting Technology program (EDDT, 2003) which was technically intense but I still successfully completed the program. Then I had a great opportunity to shop and travel around buying  clothes for a fashion retail store.

After completing the EDDT program with honors and running my own fashion boutique, I still longed for digital design courses that were now offered at the University. This offer I could not pass up – something I longed for since high school – digital arts was my calling, so I continued my education and enrolled in to Digital Arts & Design (DAAD 2005) and continued to get a Bachelor of Design.

After school, I worked for 2 years at an ad agency who catered to real estate, tourism and golf resorts – designing ads and websites. Then a couple years later, I took a leap of faith and relocated to Vancouver, BC.

Leading a new journey with my partner and our lil’ parrotlet companion, Adonis. I kept designing for the agency as a freelancer and then I branched out on my own by networking and designed my heart away… and that is how WYV Designs blossomed.

After a decade of designing, I’m adding a new chapter in my life, my partner and I got married on a special day to remember December 12, 2012. Married life has been amazing and my business has been rewarding. In 2016, we have decided to start a family and I am a new mom to a wonderful baby boy, named Devrim.

To be continuted…

Wai of WYV Designs
Wai Akdogu, WYV Designs
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Wai ♥’s…

  • doodling + paint
  • food + culture
  • health + yoga
  • family + feathered friend… priceless!

adonis-illustration by gg

Adonis the Parrotlet
“Feathered Friend”

Illustration by GG Endean